Que: What if the program do not run?

Ans: Every program in this site is well tested in many compilers, Visual Studio, DevC++ and so on. But still it is possible that some of them do not run, it is due to typing mistake while updating in database. We would like to know it from you. Please mention the question and we will solve it in max. 48 hours.

Que: From where you've got the solutions ?.

Ans: All solutions are done by us. No any officia book soltuion is taken, all the content on the site is copyroght protected and not copied from anywhere.

Que: Are there more books solutions available?

Ans: We are solving as many as books we can, but right now only Y.P.K.'s "Let Us C" is available. Soon, more books on JAVA, php, C++ and so on are on the way. You can also suggest us any book.

Que: What languages do we offer ?

Ans: There are C and C++ only right now. But we are updating site and soon you can also browse JAVA, SQL, PHP, JS, CSS3, HTML5 and lot more.

Que: Who created this website ?

Ans: This website is created by Team Finite Colors. If you like the design, please contact us, we would like to serve you the best.

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